Grab This Free MTN 10MB And N50 Guys!

Posted by Gideon Kachi on 12:12 PM, 23-Oct-16

10MB might look small, but it's something. Though i'm sure you're more interested in the free N50, don't forget that you can also convert the N50 to N125 using XtraTalk Mini.
Grab This Free 10MB And N50 Guys!

You need to follow some procedures to get this free N50 airtime and 10mb data, so kindly follow the steps below.

How to Get Your 10Mb & N50
- Firstly, send START to 38143
- You will then receive a call from MTN, they will ask you very easy-to-answer questions.
- Then after sometime, your line will credited with the free 10MB & N50.

Kindly share and drop your testimony. Enjoy!

Latest Mtn Free 5GB For 4G Phone Users

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ThumbnailThis is not a cheat, it's officially from MTN and they're giving out free 5GB data reward to MTN 4G users!. Mtn 4G LTE (Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution) is currently available in Lagos, Ibadan etc and it amazingly increases internet upload & download speed, thereby making life richer for everyone. How To Get Your 5GB To key into the free 5GB data... [Read More]

Latest Airtel Free 5GB IMEI Tweak

Posted by Gideon Kachi on 08:55 AM, 17-Oct-16

ThumbnailI thought the days of IMEI Tweaking were gone, but this is the latest Airtel 5GB data which requires you change the IMEI of your phone. Remember, IMEI tweaking requires patience and persitence. You might not get the 5GB at once, but keep trying different IMEI. How to Tweak See how to tweak IMEI here IMEI TO TWEAK 861143032398765 861143032390876 861143032390096 861143032390211 861143032390649 861143032398854 861143032390213 861143032391111 861143032398903 861143032390674 861143032390888 861143032390255 861143032390202 861143032390922 861143032390122 861143032390902 861143032390808 861143032390776 861143032390833 861143032390228 861143032390009 861143032390888 861143032390834 861143032390832 861143032390323 861143032390820 861143032390773 861143032390505 861143032390444 861143032390700 861143032390442 861143032390362 861143032390752 861143032390906 861143032390972 861143032390884 861143032390223 861143032390876 861143032390335 861143032390991 861143032390630 861143032390839 861143032390649 861143032390289 After tweaking, send JOIN to 141 .... [Read More]

How I Get 300% Bonus on All my Recharges

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Techpaded Will be Back in Just 3 Days, Please Read

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Etisalat Has Changed Its Data Plans to

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Smartphones That Supports 4G LTE in Nigeria

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Etisalat 4G LTE is Now Active, Plus How to Check if Your Devices Supports it

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ThumbnailAlmost all Nigerian network providers has rolled-out their 4G, now i'm pleased to announce to you that Etisalat 4G LTE is Live & Active. Tell someone beside you congratulation . Initially, Ntel was the first to provide us 4G LTE, seeing it was good, Mtn did the same. Glo hurriedly cooked up theirs, but it wasn't compatible with a lot of... [Read More]

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Prisma Now Lets You Turn Your Videos to Art

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Tripple Your Credit & Data Now - Turn N50 to N125 And More

Posted by Gideon Kachi on 08:32 AM, 06-Oct-16

ThumbnailToday i introduce to you MTN XtraTalk Mini which will offer more airtime and a little data. XtraTalk Mini is just like mtn xtra value, just that it comes in smaller packages of N50 & N100. How to Tripple Your Credit » With N50, you'll get N125 and free 5MB. from To activate, make sure you have N50, or load OneCard. - Dial *142# -... [Read More]

Android 7.0 Nougat Update Will Hit These Motorola Phones

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Facebook Market Place Feature - Buy & Sell Items

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3 Easy Steps to Activate Glo LTE on Your Phone

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ThumbnailAt last GLO 4G is finally here, which means we can all enjoy faster internet for users in these location: - Lagos - Abuja - Port Harcourt - Jos - Yola - Zaria - Benin - Warri - Eket. My data expires all the time on Glo because of poor network. But now, no mercy! However, Glo 4G data plans are different from the others. Glo 4G Data Plans - 1.6GB for... [Read More]

Win it1516 Plus Smartphone for FREE - Everyone

Posted by Gideon Kachi on 11:56 AM, 03-Oct-16

ThumbnailHi guys, this promo is officially from iTel, and it runs from 1st to 14th of october. In celebration of our 56th independence, iTel is giving out free it1516 Plus smartphone. How To Win 1. Visit Itel Promo Website here and log in with Facebook account. Then Press the "Bargain now!", the price will be deducted randomly. 2. You can invite your friends... [Read More]

This Angry Man Smashes 14 iPhones, MacBook at Store (Watch Video)

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Checkout Facebook Messenger Day Feature, Copied From Snapchat

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